Downtown Asheville Engagement Session ~ Jarrett & Natalie

I am happy to say that my first official blog post on the brand new Break the Mold Photo Blog/Website is of my lovely couple from Asheville,N.C.. This engagement session was photographed on a perfect December day. Their wedding is Friday and I am super excited about all the artistic details that will be spread throughout the day. J. Rutland the groom, is a brilliant illustrator. Please view some of his incredible art!
asheville-north-carolina-engagement-session-downtown-break-the-mold-photo (1).jpg
asheville-north-carolina-engagement-session-downtown-break-the-mold-photo (4).jpg
asheville-north-carolina-engagement-session-downtown-break-the-mold-photo (5).jpg
in-love-artistic-photo-hug-embrace-downtown-asheville-session-engagement (4).jpg
in-love-artistic-photo-hug-embrace-downtown-asheville-session-engagement (3).jpg
in-love-artistic-photo-hug-embrace-downtown-asheville-session-engagement (6).jpg
in-love-artistic-photo-hug-embrace-downtown-asheville-session-engagement (7).jpg
childrens-illustrator-asheville-north-carolina-engagement-photos-romantic (2).jpg
in-love-artistic-photo-hug-embrace-downtown-asheville-session-engagement (1).jpg
romantic-asheville-north-carolina-j-rutland-art (3).jpg
alabama-colors-for-engagement-photos-christmas-session-break-the-mold-photo (4).jpg
alabama-colors-for-engagement-photos-christmas-session-break-the-mold-photo (1).jpg
alabama-colors-for-engagement-photos-christmas-session-break-the-mold-photo (2).jpg
christmas-photos-engagement-session-break-the-mold-photo (1).jpg
christmas-photos-engagement-session-break-the-mold-photo (2).jpg
christmas-photos-engagement-session-break-the-mold-photo (4).jpg
unique-mountain-engagement-sunset-photo-asheville (2).jpg

  1. Megan Whitehead Flanagan says:

    Jarrett Rutland and Natalie McPeters — You guys are the first blog featured on my new blog — Can’t wait for your wedding tomorrow 🙂

  2. Lisa Hall says:

    So beautiful!

  3. Krystle Johnson Peskie says:

    I’m in LOVE! What a beautiful new website and a great first blog! You rock Megan!

  4. JasonandEmily Pritt says:

    Nice new page Megan!

  5. Becky Olson says:

    Megan, your photos are simply awesome! I’m so proud…I won’t tell anyone I changed your diaper a “few” years ago! Hugs!

  6. Pat Crawford Aycock says:

    I have watched Natalie grew up. What a beautiful couple! Awesome pictures!

  7. […] I am happy to say that my first official blog post on the brand new Break the Mold Photo Blog/Website is of my lovely couple from Asheville,…/downtown-asheville-engage… […]

  8. […] privileged and honored that I got to photograph Natalie and Jarrett’s wedding day and their Engagements photos AND Natalie’s bridals. This couple is FANTASTIC. Jarrett is an INCREDIBLE […]

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