John’s Gallery Opening and Mark Graduates High School

First of all this family needs a introduction, well if you knew this family… this family really is the family that needs no introduction. As a matter of fact, if you pulled in their driveway, and never had met them, they’d offer you to come in, sit down, and ask you if you want tea with or without caffeine, what flavor, and then you’d have amazing conversation. However, with all of that aside. This family is my second family, Sandra has always called me her extra daughter, and Mark and Becky are my extra siblings. I love them TONS!!! When I was a girl scout in elementary school, Sandra and John lived in our neighborhood, these were the days when door to door cookie sales were a-okay and I remember as Sandra opened the front door, there were two huge blow up pterodactyls hanging from the ceiling. It was there I thought, these people are so cool. Fast forward a few years, and Mark was born, because they were in our neighborhood, I began babysitting him at a young age, and then came his little sister, 2 years later. These kids were my best friends, in high school – SERIOUSLY. I spent countless hours with them, reading Harry Potter, Piggie Pie, Captain Underpants, I had Goodnight Moon memorized by heart, we spent tons of time pretending we were super heroes, baking all sorts of sugary goodies, playing outside, painting and so many other adventures… not to mention I was in charge of caring for these two, I learned early in life, how to cook, defrost milk so it didn’t loose it nutrients, bathing a kiddo without getting soap in their eyes, and that you must quickly change diapers… LOL . Fast forward several years and Mark played guitar at my wedding and Becky played violin. These kiddos and my extra Mom and Dad have had SUCH importance and significance in my life. (as a matter of fact it was John who taught me how to develop photos in a dark room when I was in 11th grade) A few weeks back, I went home to surprise Mark at a play he was performing in, coincidentally this was the same weekend John had his gallery open house. Mark is a incredibly talented actor, and John a amazing underwater photographer and dentist extraordinaire . After this weekend was all wrapped it, I knew just a few short weeks later, Marky Moo, (excuse me-I’ve always called him that), would be graduating from high school. I went home a bit early to spend some time with the Highsmith-Hayes family and had tons of laughs, serious conversation, a few tears, and a few cups of tea. Oh why am I crying as I write this, it seems true… adults always said it when I was growing up and I thought gees that’s annoying, but yes… they do grow up so fast. So it is with GREAT pride, I present, photos from Gallery 86 featuring John Highsmith D.D.S Under the Sea exhibit, and also photographs of Mark as he graduated. MUCH LOVE Sandra, John, Mark and Becky

  1. Norma Draughn says:

    this is great! loved it

  2. Kimberly Bennett says:

    totally AWESOME!

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