Happy 40 years of BLISSFUL marriage MOM AND DAD :)

Today marks a VERY important day to me… Today September 15th, 1973 marks the year my parents got married. (I was born 10 years later 😉 but now that I am a wedding photographer I love looking at my Mom’s wedding album and seeing her awesome lace dress, and the “quintesential” cut the cake photos, my Dad in his classic bow tie and huge plastic rimmed glasses. This was the begining of their journey as husband and wife, but how my Mom and Dad first started dating… that was when my Dad used a pick up line… the professor told them to study the female fetal pig anatomy and the male pig anatomy… my Dad asked my Mom “Can I see your female parts?” YEP that happened. AND the rest is history. My parents strong love and marriage gave me hope to find a man who would love me unconditionally just as my Dad loved my Mama. I have so many memories of them teaching me love, and how to live. I like looking back on the old slides that my Dad photographed and seeing photos of my Mom solo, I like how my Dad always asks my Mom if she’d like a drink when he gets himself one, I like how they laugh together, my Mom ALWAYS laughs at my Dad’s jokes, they travel together, and have a sense of adventure together. I remember my Mom and Dad dancing to “I love beach music” while my Mom was vacuming when I was younger. I remember my Mom ironing Dads clothes to teach in, I remember Dad cooking and cleaning the kitchen. Now I take snapshots of Pete, offer him things when I get myself something, iron his clothes, laugh at his jokes, and experience the world with him. Yes, they taught me how to love. I am so grateful for that and today I wish the TWO BEST PARENTS IN THE WORLD a HAPPY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Here’s to 40 years, CHEERS, I love you both MORE than a WHOLE herd of elephants, Love Wonkybaby

the following 3 photos from my wedding were taken by Visions in White, who are now retired, we feel blessed to have had the pleasure of being one of their clients


  1. Shelia Sutton Whitehead says:

    Thank you honey…I love you tons and tons

  2. Sarah McKinney Tarlton says:

    Megan, I love this tribute to Don& Sheila! She has been one of my best friends since high school. She and Don have A great marriage and a wonderful family!

  3. Kristin Layne Peddicord says:

    This is so sweet! Love it.

  4. Roz Buchanan says:

    Beautiful tribute to a great couple!

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