Megan Loves Mondays

Mondays sometimes can seem a little drab, the weekend ended too quickly, this morning you HAD to iron, you HAD to exercise, nope no slacking today, but this is why I LOVE MONDAYS! Mondays are a beautiful fresh start, it puts last week behind you, it adds productivity to your day, and this is why “Megan Loves Mondays”. You know what else I love? PIE !!!!!!!!!!! Thats right pie, especially homeade delicious pie, now most of the time I love the pie “innerds” that is what I call it… you know the part without the crust. Also for those who are wondering, sometimes I cheat on my “gluten free life”, yep God made gluten delicious and OCCASIONALLY I enjoy it. This blog post comes to you with applause from a friend Nichole, she posted up on her Facebook page on Saturday, that she loved Knoxville and all of it’s eateries. Well so do! I took a left on the way back home from getting guacomole ingredients, instead of a right…To Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop . I had eaten one of their pies back in March at the wedding of Shana and John. It was a delicious peach pie, I remember then my hubbaroni and I fighting over the bites. I hopped into their Turkey Creek Location, and bought 4 mini pies to take to a friends house that night. It was his Birthday celebration. I purchased 4 flavors, and when I got home, I wanted to take their photo. These cute little pies were oh so DELIGHTFUL, the CRUST, did NOT get left behind. The coconut so rich and creamy, with the CUTEST little peaks, the cherry the perfect sweetness, the I-40 pie reminded me of my Dad, it was delectable pecan pie with coconut and chocolate chips added and then the Granny’s Apple, it was gone before I got to try it, Oh well I definitely WILL be visiting Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop again. Visit their Facebook page and give them a like, and Brides THINK ABOUT THIS, these as your favors or as your deserts, it will make for some really happy guest and perhaps even a slightly happier photographer.

yes these pies deserve a blue ribbon, their logo is perfect buttermilk-sky-pie-shop-pies-knoxville-tn-wedding-event-unique-food-break-the-mold-photo_1544.jpg

Coconut Cream buttermilk-sky-pie-shop-pies-knoxville-tn-wedding-event-unique-food-break-the-mold-photo_1550.jpg

Granny’s Apple

Cherry buttermilk-sky-pie-shop-pies-knoxville-tn-wedding-event-unique-food-break-the-mold-photo_1547.jpg

I-40 Pie buttermilk-sky-pie-shop-pies-knoxville-tn-wedding-event-unique-food-break-the-mold-photo_1546.jpg

And some fun art I made while waiting for these to upload 🙂 YES, as a Pie loving Foodie, I believe this 🙂 buttermilk-sky-pie-shop-pies-knoxville-tn-wedding-event-unique-food-break-the-mold-photo_1542.jpg

Please note, all opinions are my own, Break the Mold Photo did not receive any discounts AND I was NOT asked to do this blog post, I just really love these pies 🙂

  1. Shanna Rick-Kupski says:

    They are so good! Everyone from the wedding talks about them all the time 🙂 These pies could definitely make any day, especially a Monday, a little bit happier!! Happy Monday Megan!

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