Unsung Heroes – The Women of World War II

On February 9th, 2013 my husband and I had tickets to go see a Go Contemporary Dance performance at the Bijou theater. They were a surprise to Pete, my husband appreciates all types of art and this was a anniversary present to him. Live music is a family value and the music would be performed by The Samuel Williams Quintet. How cool, dancing for me, music for Pete . After a lovely dinner at The Bistro we went to see the performance. I found out about this performance from a friend Chloe, who I met photographing at a workshop by Julie Roberts. Enjoy these photos below, this is chapter one of the story… Chapter 2 is coming soon 🙂
BTM_9563  editsedits.jpg
BTM_9565  editsedits.jpg
BTM_9572  editsedits.jpg
BTM_9575  editsedits.jpg
BTM_9582  editsedits.jpg
BTM_9597  editsedits.jpg
BTM_9604  editsedits.jpg
BTM_9611  editsedits.jpg
BTM_9617  editsedits.jpg
BTM_9626  editsedits.jpg
Here is CHLOE 🙂
BTM_9641  editsedits.jpg BTM_9650  editsedits.jpg
BTM_9663  editsedits.jpg
BTM_9666  editsedits.jpg
BTM_9669  editsedits.jpg
and again…
BTM_9674  editsedits.jpg BTM_9690  editsedits.jpg
BTM_9695  editsedits.jpg
BTM_9702  editsedits.jpg
BTM_9707  editsedits.jpg
BTM_9712  editsedits.jpg
BTM_9717  editsedits.jpg
BTM_9721  editsedits.jpg
BTM_9739  editsedits.jpg
BTM_9750  editsedits.jpg
BTM_9751  editsedits.jpg
BTM_9755  editsedits.jpg
BTM_9759  editsedits.jpg
BTM_9761  editsedits.jpg
and again… BTM_9768  editsedits.jpg
BTM_9778  editsedits.jpg
BTM_9784  editsedits.jpg
BTM_9785  editsedits.jpg
BTM_9793  editsedits.jpg
Matt and Chloe
BTM_9803  editsedits.jpg

  1. Megan Whitehead Flanagan says:

    Chloe Anastasia Givens and Matt Wooten here is part one of my blog about you two lovebirds and talented Chloe 🙂
    Chloe, please tag your friends on this post, so they can see the blog too 🙂

  2. […] her dance, and can’t wait until the next performance. I wrote about her last performance here. In the begining are some images, I took when I first met Chloe and Matt. Then Chloe and I became […]

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