13 of my favorite Wedding Moments in 2013

I am SO INCREDIBLY blessed to be able to witness and to capture these moments in my bride and groom’s lives on their wedding day. Allowing me to see glimpses of them and capture memories that will forever stick in my mind and turn into cherished memories for them years later. Here are 13 of my personal favorite moments from 2013 Weddings in no particular order. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to capture your special memories and moments.

The moment that this bride, heard the Dogwood String Trio warming up while she was getting dressed. She was surprised by her groom with music for their special day.

The moment that this bride saw her Daddy for the first time on her wedding day. thirteen-wedding-moments-photographer-knoxville-tn_1125.jpg

The moment this groom danced with his sister on the dance floor. thirteen-wedding-moments-photographer-knoxville-tn_1126.jpg

The moment this groom saw his bride during their first look. thirteen-wedding-moments-photographer-knoxville-tn_1127.jpg

The moment these newlyweds wished upon a lantern as it flew into the sky. thirteen-wedding-moments-photographer-knoxville-tn_1128.jpg

The moment while I was taking studio portraits on her wedding day, just like her Mothers. thirteen-wedding-moments-photographer-knoxville-tn_1129.jpg

The several moments this Rockabilly band (The Royal Hounds) had me laughing in stitches.

The moment this Mom prayed over her little girl with her sisters and best friend by her side. thirteen-wedding-moments-photographer-knoxville-tn_1131.jpg

The moment this bride and groom sang canticles during their ceremony. thirteen-wedding-moments-photographer-knoxville-tn_1132.jpg

The moment this groom surprised his bride with someone VERY special to sing their first dance song. thirteen-wedding-moments-photographer-knoxville-tn_1133.jpg

The moment I was photographing this brides portraits on her wedding day, and I was reflecting back on my college years (we went to college together) — GO CATAMOUNTS

The moment this groom checked out the WHOLE dress during their first look. I loved it Sean

The several moments with this bride and groom and their sweet beloved well behaved doggie. thirteen-wedding-moments-photographer-knoxville-tn_1136.jpg

AND THATS A WRAP — 2013 was full of blessings, here is to capturing more blessings and moments in 2014

  1. Kimberly Gregg says:

    Lovely, I always knew he was famous. I need him to autograph my photo.

  2. Alaina Simone Cantrell says:

    Great Pics

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