Local Artist Evan Trae First Friday Art Showing April 4th 2014

Everyone KNOWS how much Break the Mold Photo loves local artist!!! This one holds a special place in my heart, I have seen his family grow and have been privileged enough to be able to document them many times, his wife also does some KILLER hair, but that is not the focus. The focus is this amazing ART that Trae does!!! It is so very unique, so go and visit him on April 4th at Gallery Nuance, this is PERFECT excuse for a date night, mark it in your calendars now. trae-art-unique-spray-paint-cool-art-photos-by-break-the-mold-photo_1711.jpg

PS He still looks just like this but his face is now blanketed by a soft fluffy beard… trae-art-unique-spray-paint-cool-art-photos-by-break-the-mold-photo_1717.jpg

  1. Karen Cornett-Dwyer says:

    Very nice. Good luck!!

  2. Terri Raye Devitt says:

    I love that pic of him on the right. Mama wants one!!! Good job, as usual, Megan!!!

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