50 years of LOVE~ Anniversary Photos and Wisdom

I met Robert and Fonda at their 50th Anniversary party, just a few moments before it started. When I asked Robert to tell me about the day he got married as photos began, he said “It was Father’s Day weekend and hot as blue blazes.” I could see the smile in his eyes when he said it, the way he looked at his wife just made me melt. They met on a blind date… Fonda was actually supposed to be on a date with a gentleman by the name of Carl Letner, but she didn’t like him, she said “to be honest, I didnt care for Robert either” but lucky for Robert he was the third wheel on the date. That’s when Robert said he was persistent. I asked Robert “What was Fonda wearing on your first date?” He said “Lord I don’t remember, but she was wearing a pair of shorts.” Fast forward to their engagement of three years and then their sweet wedding day where they didnt have a photographer and it was just a family reunion in front of the house. After their wedding they went to watch Viva Las Vegas at the Tennesee Theater, Fonda said “It was so good we watched it twice, after both showings of the movie we went to get dip dogs and a orange julius.” My favorite part about this story is the simplistic wedding at a family reunion with a movie after the wedding and some good ‘ol southern food. We did some more photos and Robert jokingly said ” I am getting more smooches today than I have in 50 years.” He made me laugh when he said that. I also asked “What’s the secret?” Fonda piped up and said “Toleration, get mad, stay mad and then let it blow over.” This just made my heart melt some more. 50 years in love, ya tolerate each other, get some smooches and let the petty stuff blow over. There ya have it folks. Happy 50th Anniversary Robert and Fonda! Thanks to my friend Shelly for allowing me to photograph her grandparents on such a special occasion.

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  1. Jennifer Johnson Dykes says:

    Love it.. so sweet!

  2. Jillian Parham says:

    So sweet!!!

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